Monday, March 9, 2009

How to browse and download Blocked YouTube and esnips from Bangladesh

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Though YouTube and esnips has been blocked from Bangladesh but anyone from Bangladesh can still browse YouTube and esnips. Here is the way....

  • To browse YouTube, esnips even any website that has been blocked for Bangladesh just search any proxy website using google
  • Write "" or ""in URL: section as like as your favourate browser ( firefox, explorer etc.. ).


  • To download from YouTube browse as discuss upper point and click on any video you like to download. 
  • Copy the URL link (like : 
  • Then paste the URL of the YouTube video in the URL box and Download it !!!

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  1. How much esteem a person deserves who can ban world-wide well known sites youtube, esnips mediafire and others fearing of her degradation. Shame...
    Is this the first step of 'Digital Bangladesh'? What about a lot of IT dependent people who uses file-sharing sites like esnips?
    We hate those people.....

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