Monday, March 9, 2009

How to browse and download Blocked YouTube and esnips from Bangladesh

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Though YouTube and esnips has been blocked from Bangladesh but anyone from Bangladesh can still browse YouTube and esnips. Here is the way....

  • To browse YouTube, esnips even any website that has been blocked for Bangladesh just search any proxy website using google
  • Write "" or ""in URL: section as like as your favourate browser ( firefox, explorer etc.. ).


  • To download from YouTube browse as discuss upper point and click on any video you like to download. 
  • Copy the URL link (like : 
  • Then paste the URL of the YouTube video in the URL box and Download it !!!

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YouTube and esnips has been blocked by Bangladesh

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The world famous video-sharing website YouTube has been blocked by Bangladesh after a recording of a meeting between the PM and army officers was posted. 

The meeting held two days after a mutiny by border guards in Dhaka that left more than 70 people dead.
The recordings cover about 40 minutes of a three-hour meeting and reveal how angry many in the military were at the government's handling of the crisis.

The chairman of the Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission, Zia Ahmed, said the decision to block access to YouTube, and another website, esnips, was taken because the audio recordings they hosted threatened to worsen the current situation.
"The government can take any decision to stop any activity that threatens national unity and integrity," he said.

The government has not said when the sites will be unblocked.

What is your opinion about this step by the Government of Bangladesh? 
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